Download Windows 7 Beta: 32-bit or 64-bit


Update: You can try using the direct downloads for Windows 7 Beta 32-bit or 64-bit versions.

As promised, Windows 7 Beta is officially available to download for the general public. You’ll need a Windows Live email address to be able to download it. You can download the Beta from here where you can either choose between the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions.

I just tried to download the 64-bit version but the server is experiencing “technical difficulties”, in other words, a lot of traffic… who knows why :). I’ll be checking in a few more hours. If you are able to download, please let me know.

Windows 7 Beta x64 leaked


A few hours before Steve Ballmer makes his keynote at CES 2009, the Windows 7 Beta 64-bit version has been leaked on the torrents. A few weeks back, the 32-bit version was leaked and things looked pretty good with this version, so i’m hoping that the 64 bit version will perform on the same level, if not even better :).

The full file name is said to be 7000.0.081212-1400_client_en-us_Ultimate-GB1CULXFRE_EN_DVD.ISO with a file size of 3.15 Gigabytes.

Click here to download the torrent for Windows 7 Beta x64 edition. If you want to wait for the Windows 7 public beta version it should be released in the coming days, after tonight’s Ballmer’s keynote!

Happy torrenting… if you cannot wait! 🙂