The New Visual Studio 2015 is finally here

The New Visual Studio Launch event has already started, and you can watch it live here:

[Sneak Peek] I just heard a new feature that made me drool – Lambda Debugging!

Updated – A FREE fully-featured edition of Visual Studio!


Among yesterday’s great product launches by Microsoft, was the FREE unrestricted version of Visual Studio – Visual Studio Community Edition 2013. What I didn’t notice is that “this version lets developers target any platform from desktop and mobile to web and cloud”. Instead of waiting for Visual Studio 2015, we can start creating Android and iOS applications as from today!

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Create iOS and Android apps using Visual Studio and .NET


Microsoft today announced some amazing news:

First the big news. Microsoft just launched the preview versions of Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 2015. This release includes the “Roslyn” .NET compiler platform, new language features in C#, improved debugging and profiling, and code analysis tools. And the biggest new of all – VS2015 supports “C#, C++ and HTML/JavaScript development targeting iOS, Android, Windows and more.” There’s even a Visual Studio Emulator for Android (see picture below).  I’m drooling! Continue reading

For Loop with Negative Step | Quickie

Cannot believe that I’m writing some helpful examples using VB.Net, but that is the language that we’re using at work, so have to adapt now. Next find how to make a loop with a negative step (decreasing step):

Imports System

Public Class MainClass
 Shared Sub Main()
 For intCount As Integer = 10 To 1 Step -1
 'Add the item to the list
 End Sub
End Class

Solution | Unable to write output file ‘…pdb’; unspecified error

Visual Studio 2005 / 2008

During this weekend, I started having a problem when building a solution in Visual Studio. It would load the following error:

Unable to write to output file Solution_Name.pdb

This Visual Studio solution has 8 projects, and a lot of files and folders. I tried several solutions that I found on the net, which worked for others, but none worked for my case including:

  • Delete the .pdb file from the solution – Didn’t Work
  • Delete the Debug folder – Still Didn’t work
  • Delete the whole obj Folder – Nothing Continue reading

CMS | Sitefinity Not Working on Windows 7 64-Bit

To solve this problem, you need to access IIS 7 Manager and make sure that the:

  • Application Pool is switched from Default to Classic
  • Logon User in Classic Application Pool is LocalSystem
  • Enable for 32-bit applications Continue reading

Visual Studio | No source code available for the current location

Visual Studio 2005 / 2008

Whilst trying to debug a Stored Procedure, the following error prompted:

There is no source code available for the current location

First you have to make sure that the current user is part of the ‘sysadmin’ Server role (click here for how to).

Total Number of Lines of Code (VS Add-Ins)

Visual Studio 2005

Ever wonder how many lines of code did you write in your application/solution in visual studio 2005. Well now you can, or at least now i found how. Here’s a Visual Studio 2005 Add-In that not only shows you the total lines of code within your solution/project but also shows the breakout of each individual file. It also has an assortment of useful utilities to help programmers monitor, explore, and inspect the contents of their code.

Click here to get your free collection of free utilities for the Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 development environment.

Update: While searching for visual studio add-ins, i also found the Ten Essential Visual Studio Add-ins that every developer should download Now. Click here to see what it’s all about or here for other (not so essential) visual studio add-ins.