Connecting to backup destination – Crashplan

If you’re using CrashPlan for your online backup, and got the following message “Connecting to backup destination” (I have received this message for the last week), the solution to start backing up again is the following:

  • Open Local Services
  • Find “Crashplan Backup Service”
  • Right Click > Stop
  • Wait till the Status is blank (not Running)
  • Right Click > Start

And voilà, CrashPlan will start backing up again.

SMS Viewer for Android

Last Sunday I’ve been using Android all day long, and loved it. My girlfriend has an HTC Wildfire which was very slow, even to write a simple message it would take ages. So I’ve started the rooting and install procedure to install Froyo (Android v2.3) using Cyanogenmod 7, but I’ll post the update procedure in a future post along with the problems to root it!

Anyhow, some of the problems of slowlyness was attributed to the large amount of messages that there were stored on the mobile, but you don’t wanna delete them. So we took a backup of her SMSs using SMS Backup and Restore, which is a really good app at what it does. After the update, you could either restore all the messages back to the phone or start clean.

But what about my SMSs? Continue reading