MS Access 2007 | #Deleted

This might come in handy if you are accessing SQL Server 2005 tables from Access:


Using Microsoft Access (2003 and 2007) to link to tables on a SQL 2005 SP2 server is working most of the time. On some particular tables (MS Dynamics AX database) the results of the linked table for all rows and columns is #Deleted.


Do these tables have a primary key of data type BIGINT? I was receiving the same #error on certain tables and it turns out Access can’t handle tables with a primary key column of BIGINT. These are some possible work arounds for that scenario:

1) Change the datatype of the primary key to INT.
2) Create a view of the table using “CAST as INT” for the BIGINT field.

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Sync Outlook with Windows Live Calendar For Free – Updated

During this last week, Microsoft released a new version of its Microsoft Outlook Connector. This happened to add support for the recent update done on Windows Live Calendar which is still in Beta.

With this update you can now sync multiple Windows Live Calendars with Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 or Office Outlook 2007. You can now take advantage of Outlook’s great calendar and time management features and still access your schedule on the web anytime, and anywhere… and always for free (ok you need to buy outlook first… although there are other ways to get outlook… like… maybe some special… very special promotions… :)…!! )

For those that never used the Windows Live Calendar Beta, you can access it on this web address: It has a fast and functional Ajax user interface providing a rich experience on the web… supporting many new features making Outlook look even better!! For example, if you have multiple calendars (maybe one to use for work, another one for your events) or even shared calendars, each of them will sync with Microsoft Office Outlook always by using the Office Outlook Connector Beta.

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