I Love Slow Internet

NO I DON’T! By checking www.speedtest.net, I found that from the promised 12 Mbps internet connection, I was only getting 1.2Mbps. What should I do next?

First check with your ISP

They “found out” that I was only getting 8Mbps, Oh My, and in a matter of 2 mins, they “upgraded” me “again” to 12Mbps, that I payed for! So if I hadn’t contacted them, I would be getting much lower speeds!! At least one thing was solved. But it still wasn’t going over the 1.2Mbps mark, and sometimes it was going even lower.

Next up, the Router

I bought a Belkin Modem Router, model number: F5D8635-4v1, never had problems, at least which I noticed. Continue reading