Facebook Cover Photo & Profile Pic Dimensions

So this is a quick post, but I’m always forgetting the exact sizes for Facebook’s Cover Photo and Profile Pictures.


Cover Photo Dimensions

This is easy, one size and remains the same. Cover Photo dimensions are 850 by 315 pixels.


Profile Pic Dimensions

The Profile Pic must be 200 by 200 pixels, with the visible area being 176 by 176 pixels. When you view your profile pic on Facebook, it is viewed as 125 by 125 pixels.


Resources: here and here

Published My Facebook Timeline

And just like that, I finally published my Facebook Timeline.. been thinking to do it for a while, and finally on the 5th of May (05/05) at exactly 5:05 PM, I published my timeline.. hehe wanted to make it special lol.

So why have I been holding out?

At first I didn’t like the fact that anyone can go through my timeline and watch and read what I did during the past years. You could have done that in the Pre-timeline facebook, but you would have to click lots of “Load More…” buttons to arrive at least at the beginning of the current year. Continue reading

iPhone 3G and Facebook 2.0

During Last week, Facebook previewed the next version of its popular iPhone Application, Facebook 2.0, which launched during last July and was one of the applications most downloaded by iPhone Users.

The new iPhone application is completely changed to retain the look of the new design of the online Facebook interface. So What’s New in this new Facebook version?

  • Users will be getting updates by push notifications
  • Real time status updates
  • integration with facebook messaging and live chat
  • users can search through their messages by entire phrases… Continue reading