SMS Viewer for Android

Last Sunday I’ve been using Android all day long, and loved it. My girlfriend has an HTC Wildfire which was very slow, even to write a simple message it would take ages. So I’ve started the rooting and install procedure to install Froyo (Android v2.3) using Cyanogenmod 7, but I’ll post the update procedure in a future post along with the problems to root it!

Anyhow, some of the problems of slowlyness was attributed to the large amount of messages that there were stored on the mobile, but you don’t wanna delete them. So we took a backup of her SMSs using SMS Backup and Restore, which is a really good app at what it does. After the update, you could either restore all the messages back to the phone or start clean.

But what about my SMSs? Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S III Launch – Updated

After much waiting, Samsung execs are about to take the stage in London to unveil the next-generation Galaxy device, which will probably be names as the Galaxy S III after the company let the name slip earlier this month… we’ll have to wait a few more minutes to find out.

What we know so far?

Samsung already confirmed that the next generation Galaxy device will include a 1.4GHx Exynos quad-core processor.. hmm let’s see what else will be revealed 🙂

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview at MWC 2012

In less than an hour, Microsoft will show off its latest preview of their new operating system, Windows 8. It will be unveiled in a Press Conference at the World’s Premier Wireless Show, MWC 2012, in Barcelona (ehh wish I’m there :] ). By using the word “Consumer Preview” instead of “Beta” Microsoft is emphasizing that this OS is ready for everyday users to try on their PCs and tablets (ps. no ARM tablets for the moment). Continue reading

Skype Beta on Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

Finally, after much waiting, Microsoft and Skype announced the much awaited Skype app for Windows Phone, although it’s still in Beta. Apparently, compatible devices are the second gen Windows Phones including the Nokia Lumia Family Phones 710, 800 and 900 (and most probably the new Lumia 610 – more details on this one soon). This Beta version will allow free audio and video calls over Wifi or 3g, plus also paid calls. Continue reading

My Lumia 800 is here!

I ordered my Nokia Lumia 800 last Monday (12/12/2011) during a Cyber Monday sale on Tuesday Morning shipped and on Wednesday in the afternoon was in my hands 🙂 Let me tell you, it’s awesome!! It’s really nice to handle and a joy to use. The Windows Phone OS is amazing on this device.

I’ll updating the site with more info as I continue using the amazing features of WP7. Till then happy WP7ing 🙂 More pictures of my new gadget after the break… Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Leaked :)

Hey what do we have here? Is this the supposedly Samsung Nexus Prime with Google’s Android Ice-Cream Sandwich? It was leaked on Samsung’s US Website whilst searching for Galaxy Nexus.. you can see for yourself here.

Apparently the name changed to Galaxy Nexus. More details soon, as it will be unveiled in an hour, though I will not be seein it live.. as here in Malta it’s already 2am, and anyway I’m more into Windows Phone 😛 Let me know any info, as it gets revealed..

Happy Ice-creaming!

Apple’s “Let’s Talk” keynote was Booring!!

Don’t get me wrong, they added some new features to iOS 5, but all together, it wasn’t much of a show. I expected a bigger screen (not the same old 3.5 inch one), some NFC goodness, and at least a different chassis, tinner like say the Galaxy SII. In a few months and even weeks, the specs on this phone will be outpaced by other smartphones. Read more specs after the break… Continue reading

Installing Windows 8 Developer Preview

So I think that everyone heard that a New Windows is coming to town. This week, on Tuesday, which was also the Programmer’s Day, Microsoft showed the New Windows 8 OS during it’s BUILD Conference. And it was really a great present for all Programmers!! At least I’m really excited to try the new OS and start using the new Developer Tools. You can find more info on Windows 8 in the next links:


I’m upgrading my Windows 7 laptop to Windows 8, so it’s not a clean install. Up till now it’s 77% and it took about 25 mins. A clean install would definitely take less time.

The laptop is a bit old, in fact it was a Windows XP laptop. It’s a VAIO powered by 1.6GHz Single Core Centrino CPU and 1GB of RAM. With Windows 7 it was running fine for normal day to day use. We’ll see how it fares with Windows 8! I’ll keep you posted. Anyone installed the Windows 8 Developer Preview? What do you think?

UPDATE 1: And it’s ready installing. For an upgrade on a 1.6GHz Centrino laptop, with 10% of free hard disk space, it took around 40 mins.

UPDATE 2: Getting devices ready and now Applying User Settings from the Windows 7 installation!

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WhatsApp on Windows Phone OS 7 “Mango”

With the announcement of Skype coming to Windows Phone OS, I think that another app that might be coming on WP OS is WhatsApp Messenger. It is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. Currently WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and also Nokia.

The problem that WhatsApp messenger had with the initial release of WP7 was mainly due to the lack of permissions to access the address book and the lack of Sockets on Windows Phone 7. Continue reading