Why is a Blog Needed?

Project Nine | Why Start a Blog

Business blogs can be a powerful marketing tool. When you blog about your products and brands, you’ll brand your company as authentic and knowledgeable. In my opinion you could start blogging as soon as you can even before you start your business. It takes a bit of time until search engines start indexing your pages.

Blogging is a relatively low cost activity that will add value to your business for a long time to come, and in many cases blogging alone can push your business to prosperity getting users to your site that wouldn’t normally come. Read more on how to blog and how to start…

Project Nine Blog Launching Tomorrow

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Project Nine’s Blog will launch tomorrow.

This blog will be about helping people achieve more potential with their sites. The information I’ll be putting in this blog, will help Project NINE’s clients and anyone who has a website to market their website and increase its relevance in search engines. I’m sure I will be learning a lot from this new venture, and I will pass what I learned to you on this blog.

You’ll also find information about new Features being created for Project NINE users and how you can make the most of them. Plus you can add your own comments to inspire us for new features to add extra value to your own sites.

So mark it in your calendar, and start reading to enhance yor site as from tomorrow!

New Windows Phone 7 comes to the family!

Yesterday, I had a nice surprise as we got a new Windows Phone 7 into the family. It’s not mine… it’s my girlfriend’s… but still I can use it :)… mine will come later on. It just arrived last Saturday in Malta!!

Which One

She got the HTC Trophy WP7 mobile. Apparently it’s going to be the only WP7 mobile device to come to the Maltese Islands.. or at least for now.

Some First Impressions Continue reading

Published my 100th Post!!!


Just realised that I published my 100th post… which for me is a great feeling.

I started this blog almost 4 years ago (in 1 month it will be 4 years)… exactly on the 13th of October 2006. At first I wanted to create a blog just to have a blog of my own… but over time, the idea of this blog changed.

I’m a software developer and find many problems regarding development and any other apps needed for everyday use which I manage to solve (ok…. I don’t solve every problem). The ones I solve, I try to post on this blog to be of help to other people finding the same problems.

Each post is concise showing immediately what needs to be done to overcome the error so it doesn’t take up much time to solve it. Anyway, hope I helped some people during these last years.

Also thanks to the WordPress guys for developing this application thus making my blog possible, like many other people!!

Thanks for all the support I received 😉 Happy Reading my Publishings!!

Websites June Refresh :]

Deep Design Malta

Just updated my websites to be all showing the same theme.. to start the month of June in style 🙂 Previously they only had the logo but now made some touch ups and really hope you like them.

With these designs i’m trying to make an identity for my sites… following more or less the same design principles. For now they only have one page so there’s not much to see… but they are still much better than before 🙂

You can access my websites using the below links..

Deep Design is my main brand and is the one I use when developing websites for clients.

Ciappara.com is the new place that this blog will be moving to. It’s still being developed and will let you know when it’s ready.

Homes.com.mt is a new project that will be launching.. but i’ll have more details on this later 🙂

When I have more updates, I’ll let you know… btw hope you like the design 😉

If you have any comments or suggestions (which I too have many :]) please let me know.


Clive Ciappara

Will Windows 7 be unveiled on 7/7?


There are many websites reporting that Microsoft is going to release the RC version of Windows 7 to the public starting May 5. And I think that it is going to be released on that date!

The thing that nobody noticed (at least on the websites that I visited) is that May 5 is the same as 5/5 in all the World’s countries. Microsoft is using these types of dates for the public to remember them easily.

If the marketing department continues to use these types of dates, there is a great possiblity that Windows 7 will be unveiled on July 7th or 7/7! Imagine the following banner:

Windows 7 coming on 7/7

What a great marketing campaign would it be! Kudos for the marketing department at Microsoft!!

Waiting for my Sparkle i


Yesterday I just ordered my new car after that the one I had was totalled by a Honda Civic! (find a pic of my totalled car after the break).

The new car that I ordered is a Hyundai i20 Comfort in a bright Sparkle Blue colour. It has the smallest 1.2 ltr petrol engine, 6 airbags, ac, ABS with EBD, electric mirros, Radio CD Mp3 player with 6 speakers, Aux + USB port, Steering Audio Controls, Alarm, Trip Computer, and much more. I only have one problem…. I need to wait 71 days for it to arrive to Malta!!! 🙁 But I think it will be worth it!! 🙂

Here are some reviews of the i20.

“It was unveiled recently at the Paris auto show amid much fanfare. The success of Hyundai’s large hatchback, the i30, has people all over the world looking forward to the i20. The 2525mm wheelbase coupled with front MacPherson strut and rear torsion beam suspension promises appreciable space on the inside.”

“Now, pop inside. The first impression is packed with ‘Wow!-factor’. The bold sweep of grown-up dashboard houses neat dials and an even neater centre stack, with easy to read graphics and the tightest of trim shut-lines. Obtaining a good seating position is easy thanks to a wide range of seat base and in/out-up/down steering column adjustment. What’s more, the seats are supremely comfortable, supportive and luxuriously trimmed (part-leather on Style; two-tone cloth on Comfort; single contrasting colour on Classic). The stalk controls and switchgear feel substantial and expensive. In fact, the overall impression of the interior is that it smacks of the highest VW-grade quality, minus the all-pervading blandness. “

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