Making the Perfect Tea

In Malta it’s Sunday afternoon, and in other places it’s still in morning. So what better time than having a nice cup of tea!

I admit it. I love tea! And drinking tea relaxes me. So I’m always in search to make a cup of tea better, sometimes adding more milk, or leaving the tea bag for a couple more minutes. But finally, someone did the research for me. Scientists, from the University of Northumbria’s School of Life Sciences, have discovered how to make the perfect cup of tea.

Apparently they spent 180 hours of testing and a panel of volunteers consumed 285 cups of tea in the laboratory to come up with an equation for the perfect cuppa, and have come out with the following recipe:

  1. Add 200ml of freshly boiled water to your tea bag (in a mug).
  2. Allow the tea bag to brew for 2 minutes.
  3. Remove the tea bag.
  4. Add 10ml of milk.
  5. Wait 6 minutes before consumption for the cuppa to reach its optimum temperature of 60 degrees centigrade

But beware, if you leave it until after 17 minutes and 30 seconds, then the tea will be past its best. My opinion.. don’t take too long to drink it 🙂 Nice tea time to everyone!

A simple custom Tablet stand!

So we where on a plane directed to Egypt with all the gadgets we could get to make a pleasant trip and view movies! The list included:

  • a Tablet,
  • one USB drives full of movies
  • another USB drive full of TV Shows
  • a micro SD Card with music tracks
  • my Nokia Lumia with movies and TV shows for backup (just in case the tablet dies out)
  • two headphones
  • a jack splitter to use for both of us.

But there was one thing we didn’t get: a tablet Stand!! Continue reading

How to know it’s a Spoof Email?

I’ve had many clients asking if they are safe to open a particular email. Some emails would be really valid, but most emails would be fake. So next are some points to help identify fake emails:

  • An authentic email really coming from a particular company will address you by your first and last names or your business name.
  • It will not ask you for sensitive information like your password, bank account or credit card details.
  • Most fake emails threaten that your account will be in jeopardy if you do not take action immediately.
  • An email that urgently requests you to supply sensitive personal information is usually an attempt at fraud.
  • Fake emails often contain misspellings and grammatical errors or are written in a language which you did not set as preferred for your PayPal account.

Remember not to click any links in suspicious looking emails. Stay safe 🙂

Are you a Brogrammer or a Programmer?

So I was listening to Windows Weekly and heard Mary Joe Foley, from Cnet, mention the word Brogrammer. Hmmm never heard that before!

What is a Brogrammer?

A simple search sent me to the and according to this site, a Brogrammer is:

A programmer who breaks the usual expectations of quiet nerdiness and opts instead for the usual trappings of a frat-boy: popped collars, bad beer, and calling everybody “bro”. Despised by everyone, especially other programmers.

I continued my search, and guess what I found.. Continue reading

Facebook Cover Photo & Profile Pic Dimensions

So this is a quick post, but I’m always forgetting the exact sizes for Facebook’s Cover Photo and Profile Pictures.


Cover Photo Dimensions

This is easy, one size and remains the same. Cover Photo dimensions are 850 by 315 pixels.


Profile Pic Dimensions

The Profile Pic must be 200 by 200 pixels, with the visible area being 176 by 176 pixels. When you view your profile pic on Facebook, it is viewed as 125 by 125 pixels.


Resources: here and here

Published My Facebook Timeline

And just like that, I finally published my Facebook Timeline.. been thinking to do it for a while, and finally on the 5th of May (05/05) at exactly 5:05 PM, I published my timeline.. hehe wanted to make it special lol.

So why have I been holding out?

At first I didn’t like the fact that anyone can go through my timeline and watch and read what I did during the past years. You could have done that in the Pre-timeline facebook, but you would have to click lots of “Load More…” buttons to arrive at least at the beginning of the current year. Continue reading

I Love Slow Internet

NO I DON’T! By checking, I found that from the promised 12 Mbps internet connection, I was only getting 1.2Mbps. What should I do next?

First check with your ISP

They “found out” that I was only getting 8Mbps, Oh My, and in a matter of 2 mins, they “upgraded” me “again” to 12Mbps, that I payed for! So if I hadn’t contacted them, I would be getting much lower speeds!! At least one thing was solved. But it still wasn’t going over the 1.2Mbps mark, and sometimes it was going even lower.

Next up, the Router

I bought a Belkin Modem Router, model number: F5D8635-4v1, never had problems, at least which I noticed. Continue reading