Hang On! Preparing for the Global Azure Bootcamp 2018

In less than a week, on the 21st April, the Global Azure Bootcamp will start. This year there will be 286 locations around the world that will host this event, and Malta will once again be one of those locations! The event in Malta will be held at the Microsoft Innovation Centre, at Skyparks, Luqa, and is being organised by Tech-Spark. Start time is 9am! It’s been months in the making, and presentations are being given that last touch, to be ready for D-Day!

We have prepared five presentations for the event:

  • IoT Fundamentals, by Clive Ciappara (myself)
  • Machine Learning, by Matthew Grech
  • Blockchain, by Johan Zammit
  • SQL Server & GDPR, by Ralph Attard
  • Elastic Pools by Evan Camilleri.

I work on the Nebulus IoT platform at Codit, so it made sense for me to make a session about IoT. Continue reading

Hi again, I’m Clive

11 years after my last “about me” post, it was time to post an update, as a lot has changed. As per introduction, I’m Clive Ciappara, I’m a Full Stack Developer who is passionate about everything Microsoft.


After five years working in the iGaming Industry with Betclic, it was time for a change and was offered a job with Codit – a Belgian company using the latest Microsoft technologies whose aim is to help businesses with their integration needs. Currently working on Nebulus – an IOT management system – which is giving me a lot of exposure to different services available on Azure, .Net Core, and WebApi. Continue reading

Hi, I’m Clive

Dear Web Surfers,

How are you all doing? It’s been a while since I updated this page and finally, after 4 years 1 months 2 week and 6 days, found some time to update it. First of all a big thanks to the daily users accessing my blog… apparently people found this blog useful enough to come back for more. This drives me to make better posts and update my blog frequently.

As you might know (from the blog’s title) my name is Clive and live in Malta, in Europe. I’m a Systems Applications Developer working mainly on websites and online services.

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