Dear Web Surfers,

How are you all doing? It’s been a while since I updated this page and finally, after 4 years 1 months 2 week and 6 days, found some time to update it. First of all a big thanks to the daily users accessing my blog… apparently people found this blog useful enough to come back for more. This drives me to make better posts and update my blog frequently.

As you might know (from the blog’s title) my name is Clive and live in Malta, in Europe. I’m a Systems Applications Developer working mainly on websites and online services.

I used to work with Yellow Pages as a Senior Software Developer, but now I am a freelancer working on a project, Project NINE. This project is aimed at small to medium businesses to help them get online with great website, many features which are added periodically, allows for upgradeability and most of all, website packages start at only €9 per month.

I also have another website which I use for my larger companies to develop and test websites.

What I Use?


I have a PC and a laptop. The Computer is my main development machine which I use to work on Project NINE and  create websites for my customers, plus also some other gaming services.

The laptop, which is now very old and is waiting for his little brother, is a Sony Vaio FS which previously I used as my main machine. As technology improves and requires more resources, now I only use it as my blogging machine and some light development to make small changes. It has a 1.6 Ghz Centrino, 1Gb Ram and 140Gb hard disk. I know it’s a bit weak but it served me, and still is, for more than 5 years now.


An Important thing to know, is that I’m a proud PC. Both my machines have Windows 7 installed and I cannot be happier. Even my 5 year old VAIO works fine with Windows 7.

For Website Development, I use Visual Studio 2008 and the more recent Visual Studio 2010 with SQL Server 2005 as the Website’s Backend. For FTP purposes, I use FileZilla which is a very good software and most importantly is Free.

My main Browser is the new, although still in Beta, Internet Explorer 9. I just love the New Features, that you can pin websites to the taskbar. In fact, Project NINE is IE9 ready with all the perks ready for use with the new browser.

That’s all for now. Hope to continue receiving a lot of comments and hope that you all continue enjoying my blog!


  1. I’m not an apple/iphone person but after 4 yrs in Afghanistan, I wanted to experience the latest phenom – so I’ve bought one. Not sure I’ll keep it since most of my email, contacts etc are now on hotmail. And so far I haven’t found a way to connect hotmail to my email on the phone (you can tell I’m an IT newbie….). But your blog is the first one that has been terrifically helpful – thank you!

  2. Hi Clive,

    Well, just a compliment – im searching sometimes 4 javascript to get my web-applets correct running (so this time the unselectable-‘problem’ for a calendar). Just thx! 4 this.
    Well – let me say just one to Malta and to Developing.
    Malta, Italy – Europe: a joy to read;) I was born in ‘Black Forest’ (cake, danube source) and moved 2001 to Vienna.
    Developing: As I saw the existing applications downloadable to running on mobile phones, I was still delighted and animated to get a mobile-apps developer. Ur opinion?:)


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