Logic Apps and Azure Functions Presentation

Presentation for Betclic Training Bites (France) – June 2017

Presentation for Betclic Training Bites (Malta) – December 2016

Presentation for Tech-Spark – October 2016

Logic Apps is a fully managed iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service). Developers do not have to worry about building hosting, scalability, availability and management.

It Provides a simple way to implement scalable integrations and workflows in the cloud.

Logic Apps will scale up automatically to meet demand. It provides a visual designer which allows you to automate your process as a series of steps.


The above is an example of a Logic App Workflow. Each box is a Managed Connector – which allows you to access the data and services.

It all starts with a Trigger – which is based on an event, like when a new e-mail is received or a change in your Azure Storage account. In this case, when a record is updated.

After the trigger we now have Actions. Each action is mapped to an operation on your managed connector or custom API apps. You can also have Conditions, which is like asking a question. In this case if the record is new, we can first insert a new record, and post a message to slack


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