Back to the Future Day – Enjoy 21 October 2015!

Today is the Day that a lot of people were waiting from the year 1989, the day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown arrive to the future/today. Is your Hoverboard charged? Are your Sneakers self-tied? Is the Pizza hydrated?

Fax received? Then you’re ready to follow the action as the world celebrates this day. I’ll continue updating this post with more videos from the past and from around the world 🙂 Enjoy:

Let’s start with the trailer of Back to the Future Part II

The HoverBoard Commercial!

Back to the Future, updated for the actual future!

When you are making a movie about time travelling, you are bound to make a few mistakes

A few more mistakes… in just 8 minutes!

Filming locations 30 years later. Are they still the same?


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