Improve the Effectiveness of Title Tags | SEO Secrets

The Title Tag is the text displayed at the top of the browser window and is one of the most important tags for a website. It is used as the linked title on which users will click to access your page in the search engines. The maximum length of the title tag should be about 60 or 70 characters. Anything more will not be shown in the search results page. Read on to find some SEO Secrets on how to have a great title. Click here to continue Reading

This is part of SEO series of posts – SEO Secrets – which is brought to you by guys at Project Nine, who are always on the lookout to check that all their websites are as SEO friendly as possible.

Get data from an SQLDataSource to a DataTable and Bind Grid

This week, I needed to bind a gridview to and SQLDataSource. The only problem is that I need to include extra rows. How to do this? First I removed the binding code to bind the grid directly from HTML (in gridview remove the DataSourceID attribute).

Then I wanted to get the data from the SQL Data source and convert to a data table to insert and update the table as needed. Next is the code to get the data… Continue reading