Sony’s New PSP NGP

This week Sony unveiled the new Sony PSP NGP (New Gaming Portable) and it seems great. Even the spec sheet is amazing!! The New PSP NGP will revolve around five key concepts: Revolutionary User Interface, Social Connectivity, Location-based Entertainment, Converging Real and Virtual (augmented) Reality.


Implement “Master Pages” in Java

Found a good blog post on how you can emulate the use of ASP.Net Master Pages in Java,to create the desired layout of the site. Have a look here

Get Windows Phone 7 Theme Foreground Colour

Whilst testing out Windows Phone 7 Development using Silverlight, I needed to get the Default Theme Foreground Colour that is set by the user. To get the Foreground colour you need 2 lines of code: Continue reading

Windows Phone 7 Development

Today I started researching and making some Windows Phone 7 apps. The development tools are all free. You just need to download the free tools from here and everything will install automatically.

The Tools

The Windows Phone tools are added to the Visual Studio 2010 IDE so you won’t find any problems starting using it. WP7 apps are developed using Silverlight for Windows Phone or XNA 4.0. Continue reading

Back to Malta

This week I came back to the little island in the Mediterranean, Malta. Had a nice holiday but now back to normal life.. It’s time to continue my blog 🙂 Will try to upload some photos of England soon.

C# | Call Overloaded Methods

Sometimes in C#, to call overloaded methods within the same method names, we still use the old method. In C# there is a neater way to pass arguments to overloaded methods which can be seen below:

No Internet | Network Card not working fine

During these last few days, my network on the computer started giving me problems and sometimes the internet will stop working for no reason.

I found this supposed solution… will test it out and see how it goes. If anyone has a better solution, please let me know.

From a command prompt run the following code:

netsh winsock reset

That will reload the tcp/ip suite for windows and can supposedly correct some issues.

If you are using a USB adapter, be it wireless or wired, go into device manager and turn off the ability for windows to shut down the device to save power. You may have to do this on the root hub and controller that match your device.

Will tell you how it goes later on. Goodluck for me 🙂

ASP.Net | Read Values from Javascript

Today I started checking out some videos about Windows CardSpace and ASP.Net for logging in and I saw how he used javascript to get client side input and use it in ASP.Net in the C# code.

First you need to create a HiddenField on your webForm and name it TokenField (any name would actually do)

<asp:HiddenField ID=”TokenField” runat=”server” />

To set the Hidden Field value in JavaScript use the following code: Continue reading