SQL Server 2005 | Database won’t go Offline

I needed to copy a database from SQL Server 2005. To copy it, you need to put the database offline but sometimes it takes too long to go offline and even fails.

The problem might be that the database would still have active connections. Thus to solve this problem you need to: Continue reading

Published my 100th Post!!!


Just realised that I published my 100th post… which for me is a great feeling.

I started this blog almost 4 years ago (in 1 month it will be 4 years)… exactly on the 13th of October 2006. At first I wanted to create a blog just to have a blog of my own… but over time, the idea of this blog changed.

I’m a software developer and find many problems regarding development and any other apps needed for everyday use which I manage to solve (ok…. I don’t solve every problem). The ones I solve, I try to post on this blog to be of help to other people finding the same problems.

Each post is concise showing immediately what needs to be done to overcome the error so it doesn’t take up much time to solve it. Anyway, hope I helped some people during these last years.

Also thanks to the WordPress guys for developing this application thus making my blog possible, like many other people!!

Thanks for all the support I received 😉 Happy Reading my Publishings!!

Excel | Print First Row on every page

To be able to print the first row on every page, you need to do the following steps:

  • Go to the Page Layout Tab
  • Click on the Print Titles under Page Setup. Continue reading

Facebook is Down :/

Just tried to access facebook.. but seems to be down.. is it just me or anyone else has this problem?

UPDATE 1: Ok apparently everything is back to normal 😉 Now I can see what you’re doing! 😀

UPDATE 2: But it still seems to be very slow

UPDATE 3: Facebook is down again… You can see for yourself: Continue reading

SQL Server 2005 | “Product level is insufficient”

The following error kept popping up when trying to import data from a flat file source of type CSV to be imported in a table in SQL Server:

The product level is insufficient for component source “filename.csv”

To solve this problem, you need to install the Service Pack 2 of SQL Server 2005 from this link.

If you find other solutions… please let me know 😉

Visual Studio | No source code available for the current location

Visual Studio 2005 / 2008

Whilst trying to debug a Stored Procedure, the following error prompted:

There is no source code available for the current location

First you have to make sure that the current user is part of the ‘sysadmin’ Server role (click here for how to).

Could not execute stored procedure ‘master.dbo.sp_enable_sql_debug’

This morning I found this error when trying to debug a stored procedure from Visual Studio 2005:

User ‘dbo’ could not execute stored procedure ‘master.dbo.sp_enable_sql_debug’

After googling a bit, I found that to solve this problem, the user accessing the DB must be part of the sysadmin server roles. To add a user to this role: (click more for the steps) Continue reading

SQL Server 2005 | Copy Database Diagrams

Next is the code to copy database diagrams from one database to another (tested on SQL Server 2005 and 2008)


DROP TABLE dbo.#tempsysdiagrams
–this will copy your database diagrams into a temporary table
select * into dbo.#tempsysdiagrams from sysdiagrams Continue reading

Convert String to GUID | Quickie

To convert a string to GUID you have to do the following:

string text = “6937e459-f1bd-4a20-ab10-28ff0010c15b”;
Guid myGuid = new Guid(text);

Happy Converting 🙂