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This might come in handy if you are accessing SQL Server 2005 tables from Access:


Using Microsoft Access (2003 and 2007) to link to tables on a SQL 2005 SP2 server is working most of the time. On some particular tables (MS Dynamics AX database) the results of the linked table for all rows and columns is #Deleted.


Do these tables have a primary key of data type BIGINT? I was receiving the same #error on certain tables and it turns out Access can’t handle tables with a primary key column of BIGINT. These are some possible work arounds for that scenario:

1) Change the datatype of the primary key to INT.
2) Create a view of the table using “CAST as INT” for the BIGINT field.

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  1. I am having the same problem except for the part about fixing it. I originally had a bigint primary key and I changed it to decimal and it still shows “#DELETED” in every field and every column. First I used a accdb format and I also tried mdb format. No luck. I recreated everything from scratch and still “#DELETED” in every field. No other fields are bigint. Can anyone tell me why this is happening?


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