Waiting for my Sparkle i


Yesterday I just ordered my new car after that the one I had was totalled by a Honda Civic! (find a pic of my totalled car after the break).

The new car that I ordered is a Hyundai i20 Comfort in a bright Sparkle Blue colour. It has the smallest 1.2 ltr petrol engine, 6 airbags, ac, ABS with EBD, electric mirros, Radio CD Mp3 player with 6 speakers, Aux + USB port, Steering Audio Controls, Alarm, Trip Computer, and much more. I only have one problem…. I need to wait 71 days for it to arrive to Malta!!! 🙁 But I think it will be worth it!! 🙂

Here are some reviews of the i20.

“It was unveiled recently at the Paris auto show amid much fanfare. The success of Hyundai’s large hatchback, the i30, has people all over the world looking forward to the i20. The 2525mm wheelbase coupled with front MacPherson strut and rear torsion beam suspension promises appreciable space on the inside.”

“Now, pop inside. The first impression is packed with ‘Wow!-factor’. The bold sweep of grown-up dashboard houses neat dials and an even neater centre stack, with easy to read graphics and the tightest of trim shut-lines. Obtaining a good seating position is easy thanks to a wide range of seat base and in/out-up/down steering column adjustment. What’s more, the seats are supremely comfortable, supportive and luxuriously trimmed (part-leather on Style; two-tone cloth on Comfort; single contrasting colour on Classic). The stalk controls and switchgear feel substantial and expensive. In fact, the overall impression of the interior is that it smacks of the highest VW-grade quality, minus the all-pervading blandness. “

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Disable AutoComplete in Asp.NET

Most Browsers have a feature called AutoComplete which saves information that has previously been inputted like web addresses and form data. But sometimes, you may want to disable this feature for inputs like credit card information.

ASP.NET has the ability to override the user’s choice with the autocomplete attribute by setting it to off. This can be added to a form tag or any TextBox control and can be done using one of the following two properties:

  • AutoComplete=”Off”
  • AutoCompleteType=”Disabled”

View some examples after the break…

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EPS Overprint Variable

We needed a program to check a folder with eps files and check if they have overprint or not. To do so there is a variable in each eps file <xapTPg:HasVisibleOverprint>. If it is true, then that eps file has overprint and the variable will look something like this:


If the variable is false, then the file has no overprint and the var will look something like this:


Next are other variables which maybe important to you:

  • <xapTPg:HasVisibleTransparency>False</xapTPg:HasVisibleTransparency>
  • <xapG:swatchName>C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=0</xapG:swatchName>
  • <xapG:mode>CMYK</xapG:mode>
  • <xapG:type>PROCESS</xapG:type>

Share Folders/External Drives with CMD


Yesterday we had a problem regarding sharing. We needed to share an encrypted drive to be accessed from other computers. To share a folder or any drive, you would normally

  • go to the folder/drive to be shared
  • right click
  • select properties
  • select the “Sharing” tab
  • Click “Advanced Sharing”
  • Check Share this folder
  • Click the “Permissions” button
  • Change Permissions as needed

But we had a problem. Encrypted drives or any other External Drives, when removed or a user logs off the system, the sharing properties and any others are lost and defaults are loaded again. So we didn’t want that the user would have to go through all the previous steps to share a drive or folder.

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Melita Mobile or Apple??

This morning and in the afternoon, we tried to access the Melita homepage on www.melita.com as today they unveiled “the next generation in mobile communications and services”…. anyway we wanted to check out the new operator’s prices…. BUT… to our BIG surprise we found the

“We are experiencing high activity on our servers due to the large amount of traffic generated during the launch of our mobile services”

This message was on the home page of Melita’s website. We checked again the domain address to see if by mistake we entered www.apple.com, maybe melita had the same problems like apple during the launch of their iphone, but no… it was www.melita.com. We then searched in google for an “about us” page of Melita and clicked the link…. and as we thought, the page loaded without any problems. You can try it yourself…. first go to www.melita.com and then check http://www.melita.com/landing.aspx?id=4851.

The problem is that if their clients wanted to check their emails (which someone can do from their website), they couldn’t do this… the whole day long. Also they are an Internet Service Provider so they have all the bandwidth they want!!! Below please find some screenshots of our findings (please note the time and date at the bottom of the picture.. you can click on the picture to view larger): Continue reading