Jailbreak iPod Touch from 1.1.4 to 2.2


This morning I had to jailbreak an iPod Touch on Windows Vista which was still with version 1.1.4, and let me tell you… it wasn’t as easy as to jailbreak an iPhone. Not because of the QuickPWN, but because it’s more difficult to find and download the firmware for the iPod Touch than for the iPhone! In fact it took about two hours to finish the process… anyway, let’s start jailbreaking your iPod Touch:

First connect your iPod Touch with your PC

  • Create a Folder named iPodPWN on your desktop
  • Download firmware 2.0 for your iPod from here
  • Save firmware to the folder iPodPWN
  • Open iTunes
  • Press shift and click restore button (while still pressing shift)
  • A file browser window is opened
  • Go to your iPodPWN folder
  • Select your downloaded file
  • Click Open
  • Let iTunes “restore” your iPod Touch to version 2.0


Your iPod Touch is now at version 2.0. Now let’s restore to version 2.2 – this is easier:

  • Open iTunes (if you closed it)
  • Click Update to update to the newer version 2.2
  • It will start downloading firmware 2.2 on your computer
  • Let iTunes install the update on your iPod


It’s time to jailbreak your iPod Touch firmware 2.2:

  • After its ready, Copy the just downloaded firmware from:
    • Vista: “C:UsersYour UsernameAppDataRoamingApple ComputeriTunesiPod Software Updates”
    • XP:  “C:Documents and SettingsYour UsernameAppDataRoamingApple ComputeriTunesiPod Software Updates”
  • Paste it in the iPodPWN folder on your desktop
  • Download QuickPWN from here
  • Open QuickPWN
  • Make sure your iPod is connected to your PC
  • Browse for the Copied IPSW in your iPodPWN folder
  • Click next and follow the instructions on quickpwn
  • Let it finish.

You are now the proud owner of a jailbreaked iPod Touch 1Gen


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  1. I thank you for the really easy tutorial, but your link for the QuickPWN send you to the MAC version of the program and not the windows version.


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