The Road to BSc in Creative Computing

So, hi guys. This week I made something without thinking, I read about a course (MSc in Computer Gaming), and here I am two days later, I’ve just applied for a BSc in Creative Computing as a part-time student with the University of London (although i’ll be staying in Malta). I had to start from the BSc to then continue for the Masters in Computing.

So, I tried to apply for the BSc but since i don’t have an A-Level or Intermediate in Maths, I had to start from the Diploma in Creative Computing. The difference is that instead of finishing the course in 3 years, i’ll finish it in 4 years, 2 for the Diploma and 2 for the BSc (since the 2 years for Diploma account for the first year in BSc). The units in the first year of the BSc and the units of the Diploma are the same. The only unit extra in the Diploma is the Mathematics for Business (those who have at least an Intermediate in Maths should be fine and start from the Bsc).

What will I be doing? For those of you who are interested in this course, i’ll be writing what’s happening during the duration of the course, first the Diploma than the BSc. It will be a long journey to do but it will be interesting. Continue reading

Happy Programmer’s Day

This is to all you programmer’s out there… no matter what language you use… Java, C++, VB.Net, Foxpro, C# (this is the one i use)… Happy Programmer’s Day!! Today Saturday 13th is Programmer’s Day… it’s your day guys!!! and gals!! 😉 So a little history how this day came!

September 13th is an informal celebration of the 256th day of the year (2^8 bits=256)! According to Wikipedia, “traditions include: drinking, behaving silly, coding silly programs, mini computer games, playing with old computers, etc.” Continue reading

Internet Explorer 8 Features: Tabs

So i just installed the beta version of Internet Explorer 8 and I really like it! I’ll be reviewing some of the great and new features that this browser has.

I’ll start with the Tabs which were first introduced in Internet Explorer 7. In IE8 the Tabs get more useful… and even more ‘intelligent’. Next are some of the Tab features you’ll find in this review:

  • Accelarators
  • Color Scheme
  • Reliability

Continue reading