Total Number of Lines of Code (VS Add-Ins)

Visual Studio 2005

Ever wonder how many lines of code did you write in your application/solution in visual studio 2005. Well now you can, or at least now i found how. Here’s a Visual Studio 2005 Add-In that not only shows you the total lines of code within your solution/project but also shows the breakout of each individual file. It also has an assortment of useful utilities to help programmers monitor, explore, and inspect the contents of their code.

Click here to get your free collection of free utilities for the Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 development environment.

Update: While searching for visual studio add-ins, i also found the Ten Essential Visual Studio Add-ins that every developer should download Now. Click here to see what it’s all about or here for other (not so essential) visual studio add-ins.

Web Application Projects in Visual Studio 2005

Visual Studio 2005

 The Web Application Projects add-in provides a Visual Studio 2005 Web project model option that works like the Visual Studio .NET 2003 Web project model. Other developers, like myself found the migrating from Visual Studio .NET 2003 applications to the new Web site model in Visual Studio 2005 very confusing and impractical. So an add-in was created to address this situation providing a model that will be familiar to developers who don’t want to change how they structure their website.

This doesn’t mean that the new Website project model of Visual Studio 2005 will be removed, instead you can choose which model you prefer. Click here to download the update (add-in) to support Web Application projects.