My First Post… Welcome to my blog!!

Dear bloggers, surfers and the rest of the world :),

Welcome to my first blog site. I know you’ll not be reading this post about me but who wants to know more you’re more than welcome… my name is clive and i live in malta. I work as an applications developer at the Yellow Pages. I work mostly with the .Net C# language and currently i am developing an intranet application to be used for reporting purposes and other services that are needed by the company’s employees and managers.

But i also use foxpro since the main application that is being used throughout the company is developed with this language, although some time or another this should be redeveloped with .Net. But since then i’ll have many other projects to do!! 🙂

If there’s any one reading my first post and want to leave any comment… just do it!! At least i’ll know that what i’m writing is being read by someone.



Hi, I’m Clive

Dear Web Surfers,

How are you all doing? It’s been a while since I updated this page and finally, after 4 years 1 months 2 week and 6 days, found some time to update it. First of all a big thanks to the daily users accessing my blog… apparently people found this blog useful enough to come back for more. This drives me to make better posts and update my blog frequently.

As you might know (from the blog’s title) my name is Clive and live in Malta, in Europe. I’m a Systems Applications Developer working mainly on websites and online services.

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